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Who Gives a Crap Dream Cloths 3pack.

One part sponge, one part cloth and three parts marvelous, these babies are a reusable (and washable!) paper towel alternative. They’re perfect for soaking up spills or wiping down appliances and countertops. Your cleaning game is forever changed.


Absorbent and durable - Stronger than a puny paper towel, a Dream Cloth can hold 13x its weight in water!


Made for reuse - Dream Cloths last for a really, really long time (really!). Just toss it in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean every once in a while.


Fast drying - It’ll never get that icky sponge smell.


Mama Earth approved - Made with 100% plant based ingredients, it can be tossed in any compost once it’s kaput.



When you first get your Dream Cloths, they’ll be stiff and a bit crispy. That’s just what they’re like when they’re dry. The super dryness is what keeps bacteria at bay! Run your Dream Cloth under some water to soften it up. Once damp, it absorbs like a sponge and scrubs like a cloth. Use with your favourite cleaning product or on its own.

Who Gives a Crap Dream Cloths 3pack.